#rapvideofail Ceedot and C-Mack’s dystopian future depicts a world devoid of artistic talent in “Futuristic Swagg”.

File Under: The Future According to 1971

#rapvideofail @WE_R_FLY’s “Swagg Surfing”  shows how easy it is to maintain this fail blog.

Step 1: YouTube “Swag” with two-Gs and “official video”

Step 2: Click.

File Under: Too Easy

#rapvideofail One more @JayDaKiddMusic video and then, I swear, I’m done. But seriously, “Black and Yellow” has him doing pushups in his hallway and relaxing on his mom’s old couch, and then going into the backyard to rap.

File Under: The Kind of Son That Never Moves Out

#rapvideofail @JayDaKiddMusic brings back “Swagg,” impossible night time videography, terrible fonts and incoherent singing.

File Under: Auteur

#rapvideofail @JayDaKiddMusic and Blaze’s video for “Got Dat Swagg” happened like this …

Jay Da Kidd: Hey, Blaze, I got a great idea for a video.

Blaze: Cars?

Jay Da Kidd: You got it.

Blaze: I know a filmmaker who can get us some top-notch graininess.

Jad Da Kidd: How is he with the papyrus font?

Blaze: Better than James Cameron.

File Under: Indecipherable, Incoherent

#rapvideofail @iamnotblaze gives a part of his soul on “Emotionally Weak,” while his homie won’t even remove his hands from his pockets. My favourite part: Blaze sitting on the sidewalk, back against the bricks, singing his hook with his eyes closed.

File Under: Weak Indeed

Postscript: Blaze actually has mad skills. Just not as an employer of vocalists or videographers.

File Under: MC Flaily Armz

File Under: Mysterious Illness

In “Grimy Beamer Benz” (or, because he couldn’t decide, “Bentley 780 Remix”) Young Arab doesn’t want you to be surprised when your girlfriend goes missing, as if you’re just supposed to accept kidnapping.

File Under: What an asshole

#rapvideofails is Back With Less Sarcasm

Best. Rap. Videos. is back in businesses, but you will notice a difference in title, now #rapvideofails, and tone. Yes, we — that is, you and I — are now  celebrating the worst in rap videos for what they are: absolutely terrible.

— John A. Macdonald